Lucy’s Kitchen is back!

Hello! It has been such a long time since I last posted so I hope you will forgive me.

As summer approached last year I had let the blog slip but was planning to come back all guns blazing after a three-week inspirational road trip around northern Italy.

Well, it was a fab trip, I had lots of great ideas and big plans to get back in the kitchen and start experimenting again and we even returned with a car full of Italian foodie goodies to boot.

Then I found out I was pregnant with our first child (eek!!) and my plans changed, mainly because I completely lost my appetite for the first four months or so.


Yes, I count myself lucky that I didn’t suffer horrible sickness like many women do and I have had few other complaints throughout my whole pregnancy, but for a foodie like me going off food was a bizarre experience – although it did help me to lose some much needed weight!

I couldn’t even face the prospect of cooking for other people at times and even had to leave the room when Mr S was eating on occasion because the smell of food, particularly hot dishes, turned my stomach.

But after a diet mainly made up of cereal, toast and vegetarian sushi for months my appetite slowly returned, although as I write it is still not completely back to normal yet.

And with Baby Stephenson now three days overdue and his mummy finding herself increasingly impatient and boredom setting in (those of you who are already parents will I am sure be screaming at me to enjoy the peace and quiet while I can!) I thought I would get the blog going again.

The plan is to not really have one to be honest – I know I am going to be fairly distracted soon with other matters!

Instead I will post ideas, recipes and thoughts as and when the mood takes me and time and baby permits.

I hope you will still enjoy reading and I promise it won’t all become pureed baby food and homemade rusks!



One thought on “Lucy’s Kitchen is back!

  1. Yay, glad to see you back Lucy! Thought of you the other day actually, I came across an Instagram account you may like, check out ‘yummyhealthymummy’, I think you’ll enjoy it! Good luck with the arrival of baby Stephenson! Melissa xx

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