Happy Birthday Dad!


So Baby Stephenson eventually arrived on 22 April – 15 days late and even then he had to be forced out. But he is here now and keeping his mummy very busy – hence the lack of posts!

A couple of weeks ago, however, it was my dad’s 70th birthday and I was itching to get back into the kitchen. Having been caught up with all things baby I’d hardly even had the chance to rustle up much from scratch for dinner, instead relying on the freezer I had packed full in preparation for our new arrival.

So I decided to make a cake. I had all sorts of ideas, dreams of a two tier fondant covered beauty and all kinds of things. But in the end I had to admit to myself that was never going to happen, not right now with a young baby requiring my near constant attention anyway.

But I still wanted to get baking. Thanks to the lovely Betty Crocker (I’ve told you about her a-mazing devil’s food cake mixture before) I managed to come up with this. I even cheated and used her icing to stick on the Kit Kats.

The result was pretty good though, even if I do say so myself, and my family were suitably impressed, particularly my young niece and nephew.

It took 22 Kit Kats to go around the edge and I was surprised at how quick and easy it all was.

Unfortunately I didn’t get around to taking photos of all the stages so hence this isn’t a normal blog post. Instead, simply follow the instructions on the packet, sandwich two cakes together with the cheat’s icing, cover the whole thing in more icing, stick Kit Kats around the edge then fill the top with M&Ms and Bob’s your uncle (in my case he actually is).

PS Sorry about the pic – Mr S wasn’t around so I had to do it myself!


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