Gin and tonic cake



Gin is a big favourite in our house and is my go-to pre-dinner drink (not every night I should add!).

So when I saw a link to a recipe on Twitter which mentioned two of my favourite things – both gin and cake – in its title I knew I just had to give it a go.

The cooking


I weighed four eggs in their shells and weighed out the same amount each of butter and caster sugar. The butter and sugar was then creamed together until light fluffy and pale – I used by trusty Kitchen Aid for this. Next I added the eggs and beat until combined.


Self-raising flour weighing as much as the eggs did in their shells was then added and mixed in before the zest of two lemons was then added.

The juice of one lemon them went in along with four shots of the good stuff (gin).


The whole lot then went into a lined loaf tin and was baked in the oven for around an hour. The recipe said it would take around 45 minutes but mine took longer.

Once cooked and then completely cooled I set the cake aside while I made the drizzle for the top. I mixed together 150g of granulated sugar with five shots of gin, a dash of tonic and the juice of the remaining lemon. After pricking the top of the cake with a fork I then poured over the drizzle et voila, my cake was complete.


The eating


I took my cake to a friend’s house where four of us new mums were meeting up and only realised on my way that perhaps a boozy cake wasn’t the best way to go in case anyone was still avoiding alcohol. However my worries were unfounded and the cake went down a treat. In fact, the consensus was that it needed more gin!

The leftovers also went to Mr S’s office and received similar feedback. It tasted like a very good lemon drizzle cake and there definitely needed to be more gin in it to get the flavour coming through.

The cake texture itself was really good and the idea of using four eggs and then the rest of the ingredients being the same weight clearly makes a great basic cake – I’ll be using that one again.

Next time – and there certainly will be a next time, if only because both mine and Mr S’s families want to try it – as well as adding more alcohol I’d also use a skewer to prick the cake a lot deeper to make sure that the drizzle soaks in more.

The ratings

Yumminess: 7/10 – good start but more gin and more drizzle needed

Faffiness: 3/10 – easy peasy lemon (and gin and tonic) squeezy

Mr S’s verdict: 7/10 – needs more gin!


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